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Whodunnit (and cakes!) at Wotton House

Our very own hotel buff Lesley visited Wotton House just last week, and had a fantastic exploring the property and it’s potential for corporate experiences…

Friday afternoon I found myself en route to Wotton House, a country estate just outside of Dorking in the county of Surrey. This Devere property invites you to meander down its long drive way flanked by an abundance of bluebells and welcomes you into its sweeping grounds and sophisticated heritage. The hotel oozes 17th  history and offers discreet luxury set in beautifully manicured gardens.

My accommodation was a very comfortable classic guest room located at the back of the property and afforded me a view of the Italian Garden. This stunning area is accessible by foot and is an backdrop for weddings by a water feature.

The event spaces in the hotel offers Suites and boardrooms and caters for up to 250 delegates accordingly. Our evening started in the Old Library with pre-dinner drinks and then a Murder Mystery Dinner. A fantastic room with vaulted ceilings, pillars and original fireplaces. Great entertainment for a group of 12-16, engaging us all in the whodunnit, played out by professional actors with us trying to work out who the murderer was amidst lots of laughter and a scratching of heads! The Old Library is also perfect for wedding ceremonies offering natural daylight which shines through its Neo-Gothic windows.

After a cooked breakfast in 1877 Restaurant on the Saturday morning we went off to the Wotton Suite for a Team Bake. Three teams at their own baking stations competing to cook the best Chelsea buns, scones (sweet or savoury – the choice was ours ) and a Mille Feuille. My nerves were jangling a bit as I just do not bake (couldn’t even spell Mille Feuille until last week !) but with the guidance of our chef Peter and Steve from the Team Building Company we all stepped up to the plate and (three hours later!) produced some pretty good bakes – Mary and Paul would have been proud!I have to say that my team surpassed ourselves with our blue cheese and thyme savoury scones. This is a great activity which can be done with a small group such as ours or larger ones. Timing and concentration are the name of the game but the overall experience was one of fun, laugher and camaraderie. There is a prize for the best bakes and we all got to taste each other’s cakes before departing for home.

As you leave Wotton House their parting words at the gate are ‘ Toodle Pip hope to see you again soon’……. I intend to!

If you’d like us to arrange a corporate experience at Wotton House (whodunnit/cakes optional!), please get in touch.

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