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January recruitment drive? STOP! Consider outsourcing instead

January is typically the busiest month for recruitment. Organisations looking for a fresh start and individuals who have already found one and moved on (leaving seats to fill) mean there’s often a ramp-up in what can be a tricky business practice.

But when it comes to events positions, have you considered outsourcing, rather than recruiting?

The experience of a team for less than the cost of an individual

Events outsource don't recruit

In events, many hands make light work

When you take on a new member of staff, you’re taking on a single person. That person may have a great deal of experience, but unless they’ve been around the block for a long, long time, they’re unlikely to have the same length or variety of experience than a whole team.

If, instead of filling an empty seat, consider outsourcing your event position and utilise an established agency who specialise in experiences. You’re likely to get a wider variety of ideas, better rates offered through greater buying power (or long-standing relationships) and experience management from a position of expertise for every part of the process.

From a cost perspective, there are no overheads for a seat (and a PC, phone, etc etc) at the office, no training to consider or learning curve to accommodate for, no remuneration package and no National Insurance contributions. PLUS you’ll save on the actual cost of recruitment such as advertising, giving an agency their cut and so on.

outsource don't recruit

An essential (though often frowned upon) part of the recruitment process

Can they really recite the alphabet… in Swahili… while juggling?

With recruiting, there’s always a chance that you could end up employing the wrong person who (for whatever reason) may have seemed lovely during an interview but turned out to be a nightmare, or may have exaggerated their previous expertise somewhat.

Partnering with a third party who has great testimonials and case studies, and whom you can hold accountable to demonstrate tangible benefits, gives you back the power and ensures a successful and enjoyable experience for all involved.

Consider yourself one of us – No pain, all the gain

We’re confident that we could save you a packet by becoming your out-of-house experience department. With dedicated account management, backed by a team of expert experience managers, you’ll get the dual benefits of having a single point of contact along with the combined experience of the entire team for planning and execution.

Whether you’re looking for a meeting, team building event, international incentive trip, annual conference or any other experience, we take all of the pains associated with event management away, save you money and leave you and your attendees with truly lasting memories.

Get in touch now to find out more.

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